Every Man’s Fantasy

Our men take sports obsession to the next level by devoting hours to fantasy leagues.  As women cringe, men everywhere spend hours drafting, tracking and analyzing their own made up versions of sports teams.  Lena and Jules want to know one simple thing: Men, is this really your idea of fantasy??

What would the female equivalent be? Wedding Planning? No! It would be an actual fantasy – likely involving a member of the opposite sex, preferably a whole team of them for that matter.

Guys, it’s time to call your glorified hobby like it really is: grown men playing pretend. News flash, just because there are statistics, customized websites and gambling involved, it’s still not real. Can you imagine how much flack women would take for planning a “fantasy wedding” for an entire season?

Here’s a tip boys: The next time you get the urge to devote four hours of your life to a fantasy draft – instead, try acting on just one fantasy in the bedroom.  Chances are, your lady might indulge you and make that fantasy come true – a lot sooner than Eli Manning and Tom Brady will.


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    Its not that easy ladies but I see where your coming from. What if him or her is too afraid to try and act out there fantasy, like what if ones fantasy is disgusting and a big turn off to the other person. that means that the whole scenario is null or wont happen. In mens fantasy leagues and teams from the way I look at it is its a win win situation every time because the men are doing something they love weather their team is winning or not, Its the “fantasy thing” that there after. I think you were rite when you stated the woman thing would be a fantasy wedding plan. girls could do everything according to a wedding of their dreams, but you would have to create items worth value or power that you would go by, then use a gambling or stats creator to throw in the different or in this case “Real life values” to the items” or scenarios where the winner is the best. and then you could do this over and over trying different dresses, color schemes, guests, meals, music, whatever it is you can come up with or is allowed in the fantasy. it just takes someone to create the initial items and their values then women all over could play against each other online, or via cell phone, i-phone or whatever the platform its created on is. the Mens platform is the actual Sport and its stats aired on TV. I hope this makes sense as I’ve just worked a double shift and it reads right to me. 8 )

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