What NOT to Say if His Team Loses the World Series

These survival tips were so popular during Stanley Cup Playoffs, we are reviving them for the baseball season.  Ease your way out of a bad loss for his team along the road to the World Series with these strategies from Lena and Jules of WhileTheMenWatch.com:

1. “At least they came in second place.”

According to our men, there might as well not even be a silver medal at the Olympics. Second is dirt. Don’t mention it.

2. “The way they were playing, they didn’t deserve to win anyway.”

Never insult his “boys”.  Even though he knows the truth deep down, this approach may trigger a recap of series highlights.  Listening to that is probably more painful than sitting through an actual game.

3. “We are out of beer.”

Keep a secret stash on ice, for bad moments like this.  Don’t even wait for him to ask – crack it open and put it in his hand immediately after the game ends.  Like a heart attack victim, most are likely to survive if treated within the first four minutes.

4. “Now that your team is out, you can work on cleaning out the garage.”

Do not mention this wonderful reality for at least 48-hrs or it may backfire.  Your list of to-do’s should be presented in a casual way, when he has begun to regain signs of life. Premature nagging may lead to extended procrastination which is bad news for the hallway that needs painting.

5. “Oh by the way, we are going to my mother’s house for dinner tonight.”

For at least 24-hrs post-losing game, avoid all contact with in-laws and your extended family.  His delicate condition may have paralyzed his communication “filters”.  The last thing you need is him telling Aunt Ronda that she is getting fat and that her husband is an alcoholic.

6. “Sorry, not tonight, babe.”

Make it happen girls – under any playoff circumstance. Take one for the team.


Tune in Oct 19th 8:05pmET for Game 1 of the World Series as the St. Louis Cardinals take on the Texas Rangers.  Listen LIVE to female friendly commentary at www.WhileTheMenWatch.com ~ where girl talk is a sport.

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