15 Reasons We are Thankful for Sports Addicted Men

He watches more sports than humanly possible and even arranges vacations around playoff season but you can’t help but love him.  Our men may be certifiable sports addicts but when we think about the alternatives, it could be much worse.  This holiday season, while getting an overdose of football, food and family, remember these 15 reasons to be thankful for sports addicted men.

1.  He Brings Home Laundry Not Dead Animals

We’d much rather wash a load of sweaty sports equipment than have to clean anything brought home with a head still on it.

 2. He’s Not a Dork

“Babe, I’m going out with the guys to watch the game.” – sounds much better than: “Honey, I’ll be home around 10pm from the dad’s book club.”

3.  He’s Not Addicted to Drugs

He may act like he’s on crack when his team wins, but we don’t have to put up with dealers and drive-bys.

4.  He Responds to 5 Magic Words

You can persuade him to attend any family function by saying:  “The game will be on”.

5.  He Fantasizes about Other Men

Better that he follows every move of his fantasy team for the season than stalking another woman.

6.  He is Organized

He can arrange travel, lodging, uniforms and a playbook for his team’s away tournament and not miss a detail. Eventually, those skills just might transfer to planning the family vacation.

7.  He Believes in Tradition

His playoff beard is scary, but he’s also the guy buying the biggest Christmas tree.

8.   He Believes in Miracles

His team finished in last place, but when he’s convinced that they can win the championship the next year – they actually do.

9.   He’s Got Passion

We’ll take a guy yelling, jumping and turning red in the face over a game – any day – over a guy doing crosswords.

10.  He’s Not Afraid to Act Like a Child

When was the last time something made you happy enough to break into a dance in public?

11.  He’s Loyal

He has unwavering devotion for a group of men he has never met, giving us all hope for holy matrimony.

12.  He’s Got Hot Friends

His Sunday league always has one or two eligible bachelors with enough potential to introduce to your single friends.

13.  He Never Cheats

He will remind the referee (loudly) every time he misses a penalty call.

14.  He’s Tough

He comes home from a game covered in cuts and bruises but he can’t wait to get back out there for the next one.

15.  He Never Gets Old

He plays his heart out, even with guys ten years younger and never doubts for a minute that he can keep up.


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