Lin’s Ladies: Top 10 Celebrity Girlfriends for Jeremy Lin

Yes, we admit it we are obsessed with Jeremy Lin.  Not only are we cheering for him on the court, we want to see him find the perfect woman to keep things Linteresting after the game.  In true Lena and Jules style, we have come up with a list of the ten women Jeremy should date.   A couple of gals might be in relationships already, but hey, everyone knows half of E-Harmony is cheating too!  Besides, Lin has no problem beating the odds.  Oh and the best part is that our proposed couples have great Knick names LOL!


1. Michelle Williams + Jeremy Lin = Mich-Lin

Michelle’s demure-yet-sexy image would be a perfect fit for the modest Lin.  And how incredibly gorgeous would their child be?


2. Katy Perry + Jeremy Lin = Jer-Per

Lin and Katy have strong beliefs in common.  Katy’s blue hair dyed to match the Knicks jersey is proof of her true devotion.  Rebound romance anyone?


3. Lindsay Lohan + Jeremy Lin = Lin-Lin

This would be more rehabilitation than romance, but Lin seems to have a contagious impact on people. Maybe he could do a Lintervention on Lindsay and save her and her new weird cheek bones from a complete meltdown.


4. JLo + Jeremy Lin = J-Lin

We know JLo likes the YFMs (Young Fresh Meat).  We’d love to see Jeremy unite his dunk with some junk in the trunk.


5. Mila Kunis + Jeremy Lin = JereMila

What is more fun than pairing the squeaky clean break out star with the bad-girl-ballerina-friend-with-benefits?  Think of the moves these two would have.


6.  Reese Witherspoon + Jeremy Lin = Linerspoon

With matching perfect smiles these two would be the ultimate power couple. Although Jeremy might have to bend down a lot so Reese can see his face once in a while.


7. Rihanna + Jeremy Lin = Linhanna

No it’s not a restaurant chain, its Ri Ri finding love.  And thanks to Lin, Madison Square Garden is no longer a hopeless place.


8. Kim Kardashian + Jeremy Lin = Kardashilin

It’s just a matter of time until someone in that family gets her hooks into Lin, so better if it’s on his terms.


9. Nicki Minaj + Jeremy Lin = Min-Lin 

These two might only last for one wild night, but it would be fun to watch the outrageous-yet-talented rapper chick hook up with the respectable baller sensation.


10. Peyton Manning + Jeremy Lin = Pey-Lin

Move over Tebow.  Rumor has it that Lin has offered Peyton his couch while he finds a new job.


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