10 Reasons Women Like a Good Fight

The puck did not even land before a fight broke out in the last match up between the New York Rangers and the New Jersey Devils.  Bloodied players and coaches flying off the handle (we still love you Torts) seems barbaric, but we have to admit, there is something refreshing about a good old fight.

For the record, most concussions in sports happen from illegal hits – (never a good thing) not fighting.  Dropping the gloves once in a while can shake off the cobwebs and re-energize an otherwise dull situation.  When it comes to relationships, the same rules apply – everyone knows going below the belt is not cool – it’s never ok to disrespect your partner.  But a fair fight can be a healthy way to work through issues – even better when it does not involve skates and trying to pull a jersey over someone’s head.   Here are 10 reasons we like a good fight:


10.  Admit it, you agree with Don Cherry – the fights keep it entertaining.


9.  Sometimes you need to get it off your chest for good.


8.  If you don’t hash it out, that grudge will ruin your mood until you do.


7.  You can only complain to your best friend for so long.


6.  One big fight can eliminate 20 little fights.


5.  It feels really good to throw stuff.


4. “Mad cleaning” is no fun and takes twice as long when combined with “mad walking” in circles.


3.  Every man needs to spend a little time in the penalty box (or on the couch) depending on the situation.


2.  Just think of that couple you know that is headed for break up city – you know, the ones who never fight.


1.  The best part of the fight is the power play goal – otherwise known as make up sex.  Bring it.



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