Top 10 Elimination Excuses & What They Say About Him


When a guy’s team loses in the playoffs, it is like no other sense of man-doom.  To counteract this all-encompassing tragedy, men may react by postponing any home repairs for at least two months and then stammering out their own explanation for the loss.


Putting on his best “breaker-upper” voice, he will attempt to shake off the elimination without seeming emotional.  The best response is usually silence, to avoid triggering a soliloquy recapping the entire season.


So, whether your man is already in full excuse mode, or could be retiring his favorite team jersey at any moment, here is a guide to what his elimination excuses really mean:


10.  He’s Fragile:

“I’m actually glad they are out so I don’t have to stress out about this anymore.”


9.   He Hates Traffic:
“Now I don’t have to rush home from work to watch the game live.”


8.   He’s a Father Figure:
“Now the team can get plenty of rest before the next season starts.”


7.   He Looks on the Bright Side:

“Next year will be THEIR year.”


6.   He’s in Denial:
“Now I can focus on baseball.”


5.   He’s a Worrier:
“I knew they wouldn’t make it that far anyway with their key player being injured.”


4.   He’s into Politics:

“They had a great team but they need to fire the coach.   He didn’t have the right strategy.”


3.   He Works Out:

“They just didn’t have big enough guys to protect key players.”


2.   He’s Got a Problem with Authority:

“They would have won if it wasn’t for the pathetic referees.”


1.   He’s Horny:

“Now I can go to bed at the same time as you.”


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