Love Me Like Lundqvist: 5 Sex Games for Hockey Season Pt 1

There is a bright side to playoff season.  Since there are already at least two hockey games on every night for the foreseeable future, let’s make it a win win for everyone.  When men were asked if they would rather see their team with the Stanley Cup or have their wildest sexual fantasy come true, the majority surprisingly picked “The Cup”.

Yes, a little disturbing but likely because sports watching and sex share the same extension cord in the male brain.  In taking full advantage of his dual obsession, here are five sex games sure to ramp up your playoff season a tad more than a hat trick.


Truth or Dare

Here’s a new twist on an old classic that works well during intermission.  Take turns and make sure all your dares get fulfilled DURING the intermission.

TRUTH:  What is your favorite part of my body?

DARE: I dare you to “excite” your favorite part of my body at the next commercial.


Love Me Like Lundqvist

An NHL goalie could teach the average man a thing or two about positions. This game will get you about as close as most of us will ever come to having Henrik in bed!  During each period of the game, take note of your favorite straddle, dive or stretch by the goalie in net and make your man act out the position with you during each commercial.


5-Minute Major

Set the alarm on your cell phone for 5 minutes and challenge your man to see if he can score with you on a “power play”.


 Un-Sportsmanlike Texting

Every time a player on the ice yells at another player, grab your phone and text something naughty to each other. The more aggressive the fight in the game, the more sexy your text must be.  Advanced Version:  If you can lip read any “colorful” language during the fight in the game, you must use the same word in your sext.


 Face-off Strip Off

Start by picking opposing teams to root for.  At each face-off (when they drop the puck on the part of the ice that looks like nipples) the face-off loser must remove a piece of clothing.  Depending on how your teams perform, the third period may involve actual nipples.



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  1. Brian says

    I find it reasonably sexist that it’s “disturbing” that a man would appreciate a championship for his favorite sports team more than he would having sex. Maybe there’s more to most men’s interests than just humping?

    Not even touching the implied sexism against females.

  2. Saranac says

    I dig this, but the face off thing is a bit much.

    There can easily be 30+ face offs during a game. You’d be naked by the middle of the first period, which probably wouldn’t be bad for the rest of the period, but then it would just get awkward to sit there naked for another hour and a half.

    (Because putting clothes back on is out of the question)

    Face offs at center ice after goals are scored would be a sound concept. There’s no guarantee if the game is going to end 1-0 or 5-4 in OT.

  3. Jake says

    Holymackeral there womens brains really are wired differently .
    I find this quite humorous and feel sorry for all those women that grieve over the lack of attention they recieve during the hockey games , so much so that I will endeavour to get muy lovely wife to play face-off strip with me even during re-runs of games on the NHL channel .
    You can’t reall be serious that a man would turn down his greatest sexual fantasy for his team to win the cup . Gimme these guys addresses I’ll fill in for them during the play-offs .

  4. Guinastasia says

    Please be assured, Jake, not all of us women are like this. And as a female sports fan, if anyone attempts to talk to me for anything less than a fire during a play-off game, the results will make Claude Lemieux’s hit on Kris Draper look like child’s play.

    AFTER the game, is a different story…

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