10 Tour de France Trends for the Rest of Us

Cycling: 101th Tour de France / Stage 7

Yep, Tour de France is on for the next few weeks.  So, obviously, you are conflicted about what to watch: blood-soaked Ray Donovan rolling with his damaged-goods Irish brotherhood in Season Two, or, the sweat-soaked bicycle brotherhood rolling up French mountains for hours on end.  Tough choice.


No doubt the cyclists are super-human athletes (the ones not pumped with Lance-Liquid), but just as powerful is the prestige of cycling.  Something about it draws you in, even if you only pay attention when a crash happens.  For fellow mere mortals who will never ride a bike across France, but want to embrace the aura of tradition, style and sport, here are 10-Tour inspired trends to taste, try and buy:


10.  Jersey Girl

We’ve come to embrace the over-the-top graphics of the cycling jersey – aka shameless brand placement on every square inch. Bold patterns and text are trademark of the design team at Custo Barcelona.  We love their tees, dresses and jackets with vibrant prints that are truly unique.  And don’t take it from us, editors at British Vogue declared in this month’s pre-collection sneak peak, that “bold ‘pop’ florals in primary colors” are coming fast and furious.

custo barcelona

9.  Spin Doctor

If you want to start putting your own pedals to the metal, grab a friend, reserve a spot and head to Soul Cycle to see how the other half spins.  A blend of pumping music and motivational instructors sweating it out in a dark room, lets you become Queen of the Mountain for 45-minutes.

soul cycle

8.  Ruffage in a Bottle

It takes about 6,000 calories for a top cyclist to make it through a stage during the Tour. In case you need a visual, that’s about 6-lbs of steak. If you just need enough stamina to run for the 6-train and have limited time to brew grandma’s porridge recipe, much less a side of beef, there is Oatworks.  It’s packed with soluble fiber (aka beta glucan), which provides long lasting energy, makes you feel full and can even lower cholesterol.  We also give Oatworks extra points for having no artificial sweeteners and being small enough to fit in your purse. Lena’s husband (aka Mr. Nationally Ranked Triathlete even thinks the stuff is legit).


7.  The Household Time Trial

Winning time trials is key to the Tour de France.  Some days, we feel like it’s a race to fit in all the things that need to get done in 24-hrs.  Enter your own personal race partner – Task Rabbit.  Use the app to browse locals in your area who can help with shopping, errands or other random stuff, click a button, agree on a time and the “tasker” appears at your door. Payment is done through the app so no awkward moments there either.  Special thanks to our recent tasker who installed the five tonne air conditioner, finally putting a rest to Jules’ complaining about the sweltering heat.


6.  Gotta Wear Shades

You can look pretty bad ass on a bike just by getting some killer glasses.  The “mirrors” trend is back from 1985, this time around with a tinted hue. Shared by the boys on the Tour and by the girls who love Ray Ban, you can now match your lipstick to your lenses. The look will probably be out of style in a blink, but you know you love it.



5.  Can We get Hi?

The final stage of the Tour passes through the Champs Élysées and begins with a casual ride complete with champagne for the cyclists.  Vive La France! In honor of this ritual, and the elite women’s cycling event “La Course”  held that day, we have made it a point to have a bottle of Prosecco in the fridge chilling at all times.  Brunch, lunch, or got some good news? Let’s get Hi. No, not that kind of high. The Prosecco is actually called Hi! As in, “Hi! Come in. Let’s celebrate that it’s Tuesday.” Made in Italy by a female winemaker and with a price tag of $12, we say Vive La Discount!


4.  Clean Face by the Case

The Tour cyclists are sweaty to say the least.  How greasy was your own face on the last day of record humidity after carrying a back breaking bag around town? When you need a quick fix post workout or post subway service debacle, grab a pack of Kirkland Signature Daily Facial Towelettes. These are hypoallergenic, which means you can even use them around the eyes.  Only available at Costco, the upside is that you’ll have enough to last until the next Tour de France.


3.  Allez! Helmet Head!

We are still waiting for the invention of a helmet that does not ruin your hair. Until then, there is Instant Volume Body Boost Powder by Brazilian Blowout.  It’s a mouthful, but all you really need to know is that it’s a light-weight powder that gives instant volume at the crown of your head – even after a ponytail, or when you um, haven’t washed your hair in days. We won’t judge.


2.  Bath in a Bottle

When your post-crossfit, post-bad shoe decision legs are feeling like you just rode a bike for weeks, you need Epsom Gel.  Skip the good intentions of soaking in the tub (seriously, we want your life if that happens regularly) and instead, rub this cooling gel on said sore body parts.  You will wake up revived and ready to put those killer but oh so great looking shoes back on your feet.


1.  The Board of Beautiful Women

One stage of the Tour goes through a region called La Planche des Belle Filles which translates literally to “Board of Beautiful Women”. It’s not actually a street of hot girls, in fact, the name originates in the French description of the area’s forests.   In any case, the name is pretty awesome.  For a local headquarters of beautiful girls, visit Rita Hazan Salon in NYC.  A renowned celeb salon that is more than just hype.  We were literally blown away by the masterful skills of hair stylist Christina B. Your scissors win the yellow jersey hands down.

planche de belles filles

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