The Blue Jays are Back: 5 Other Times It’s OK to Flip the Bat

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Basically, baseball is boring until it isn’t.  The last game of the ALDS was like a bizarro Seinfeld episode of freaky errors, drunk fans and pure drama.  The cherry, on top was José Bautista’s “Bat Flip” which has everyone flipping out.  Some praise it as a defining moment in baseball history, while others call it unsportsmanlike.  We can’t decide.

As two girls from Toronto who danced in the streets the last time the Jays won the World Series, we appreciate that it’s been more than 22 years since the Jays had swagger.

At the same time, let’s be clear this was not the World Series, it was just a playoff game. The Blue Jays still have the the whole ALCS round to win.  Some predict, little leaguers everywhere will now be knocking eachother’s teeth out trying to emulate Bautista.  Maybe we all just need to CTFD (Calm the F*ck Down) and play ball. (You are welcome for that little gem which is so handy to text to a friend who is freaking out.)

Let’s take a stab at defining the essence of the “Bat Flip” moment:

Bat Flip:  /[ba-t-flip]/ noun

A bold expression of bravado after overcoming a challenge.  Said epic display may be slightly inappropriate in its context for added emphasis.  The gesture may be spoken or unspoken and may or may not involve a baseball bat.

We get that there are just some moments when you need to FLIP IT!  Blue Jay legend, Joe Carter, (aka the last Blue Jay to do anything famous) commented on the Bautista flip saying, given the playoff circumstances it was okay, but in a regular season game it was a “nae nae”. Joe, did you mean “Watch me flip? Watch me nae nae?”. Impressive reference for a dude who was already old 22 years ago when the Jays won.  Here’s a clip of the flip incase you missed it.

For those of us who will never make a series winning play, here are five moments when it is definitely okay to FLIP IT:

1.  Bat Flip Your Phone When…

You have been plagued by bad reception and call your provider to complain.  You are put on hold, talk to a useless person who can only read from a script, you demand to speak to a “supervisor” and succeed in getting a credit for a month of free service. You hang up the phone and FLIP IT! (softly, cause you know those protective cases are useless).

2.  Bat Flip Your Toothbrush When…

You go to the dentist and totally have not been flossing since your last visit. The dentist tells you that your teeth look great and you have no cavities. FLIP IT!

3.  Bat Flip Your Lasagna Pan When…

Your mother-in-law who critiques everything relating to the foods you eat/buy/serve at your wedding/feed your kids, compliments you on your dish and asks for the recipe. FLIP IT!

4.  Bat Flip Your Running Shoes When…

You are running in the park and a male runner speeds up so as to be not passed by a woman (happens in NYC all the time). He can’t hold the pace and you sail by leaving him in the dust. FLIP IT!

5.  Bat Flip Your Boardroom Chair When…

Your boss shoots down your outside-of-the-box idea in front of the client, but then the client eats it up. FLIP IT!

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