Flashback: 10 Fashion Trends From the Last Time the Mets Went to the World Series

J Aniston Dreads1

The New York Mets, have surpassed their wicked pinstriped step sisters and are in the World Series.  Let’s do a happy dance for the underdogs and their fairy godmother. The last time the Mets were this good, it was fifteen years ago. Looking back at those days, some of the era’s fashion deserved to be locked in an attic.  Here are 10 of the hottest fashion trends from the year 2000.  Stand up and do the wave because you know you can still deny ever wearing anything that existed before Instagram.

10.  Fake Dreads

Jen Aniston is probably the most high level offender of this bad hairdo.  Pssst! Jen, we love you but you are still a white girl, even with all that Derek Jeter spray tan.   Today, at least there is Khaleesi, a.k.a Mother of Dragons, to show us how to rock the elaborate power-braid look.

9&8.  Low Rise Jeans & Flared Pants

You may have purchased your first thong around the year 2000 to be worn with your low rise stretchy jeans with a flared leg.  Today, mom jeans are back in style, just secretly rebranded as “boyfriend” jeans.  Alas, even the glass ceiling is lined with denim.

britney flare jean

7.  Colored-In Eyebrows

Y2K was tough on our brows.  Praise the pencils that the trend is back to natural, messy and heck even bushy.  Our condolences if you did too much waxing in the late 90s and are now left with a barren browscape that won’t grow back.

The 59th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

6.  Shoes or Boots with Square Toes

Aside from being basically impossible to wear without scuffing the multiple right angles on these puppies, the look is soon over.  Pointy is back, so don’t be so square yo.

square toe shoes

5.  Wire Chokers

In the 80s the chokers were velvet ropes, but in the late 1990s into 2000 the neck gear evolved into a bedazzled barbed wire look.  Yep, we can remember trying to disentangle our hair from a spiky wire choker after forgetting to take it off before bed.


4.  Cargo Pants 

Camo, pastel, satin, those multi pocketed pantaloons came in every form.  People, how is a society singing that we “Don’t want no scrubs.” yet walking around like a bunch of house painters?

meg ryan cargo pants

3.  Tight and Short all Over

Short skirts, crop tops, bandage dresses. This demands a new hashtag:  #WWWT = What Were We Thinking??  Cheers to never again wearing a halter with a metal ring around the neck.

jlo tight and short

2.  Lipliner Darker than Lipstick

Wow the year 2000 was definitely good for anyone in the liner industry.  What was the advantage of the dark outer lip line? It stays on af after a few glasses of wine?  Still stumped.

gwen stefani lipliner

1.  Velour Track Suits

Guilty over here of having multiples of these fuzzy hoodie and pants sets.  Basically, a bear suit you can wear in public.  Thanks J-Lo it’s your fault.  Serves you right for being a Yankees fan.  Go Mets!

jlo track suit

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