It’s Movember – Hide the Remote Until He Makes These 5 Promises:

kevin love moustache

November is not only “sporgy month” – when MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and soccer simultaneously collide on your TV – it is the furriest month of the year known as “Movember”.

This is the chance for men everywhere to don the official Brooklyn hipster uniform – a moustache in support of men’s health.  Join us in supporting a mo-bro by donating to the Movember foundation here.

Next hide the TV remote in your grandmother’s china tea set until he agrees to take the Movember pledge for macho wellness. Make him commit to doing each of these 5 things before NFL playoffs begin:


1.  Go “Pro”

No one wants to even say the word prostate because it’s usually associated with someone’s 65 year old dad, a rubber glove and bad news.  So let’s not get to that point, send your guy for his pro exam and reap the benefits of early detection.

2.  Make a Date with His Mate

Experts say some men can lack a social support system, despite being surrounded by friends. Drop some hints about having a half time heart to heart with a buddy to catch up on what’s going on in his life.  A chat with a trusted friend can do wonders to reduce stress and anxiety.

3.  Move!

One of the key goals of the Movember movement is to keep men active through exercise.  This is not a fad – it’s legit science that proves exercise can modulate hormone levels, prevent obesity, enhance immune function and reduce oxidative stress – all known Cancer links.

4.  Do Couples Kegel’s

Kegel’s. Yep, every woman knows this exercise as the antidote to peeing your pants and how to avoid a “floppy vagina”.  Newsflash, there is room for everyone to play with the pee valve!  Men should join in the stop-start fun for a healthy prostate, more intense orgasms and beyond.  Put it this way, if you did Kegel exercises at every whistle during Sunday Night Football, you’d be in killer shape by the time the Super Bowl rolls around.   There is even an app to challenge yourself to take your endurance to new heights.  Yep, we did say more intense orgasms so what are you waiting for?  Check out these tips just for him from the Mayo Clinic.

5.  Get Freaky

Sexual health is key to sustaining a healthy relationship.  Talk about it, get some toys, and why not see what kind of fun you can have with that new moustache…?

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