The 10 Best RBF’s In Sports (Yep, That’s Resting Bitch Face)

mike tomlin steelers 2

You’ve seen it on the lady behind the desk at the airport, your friend’s nanny and of course anyone at the DMV.  The gender neutral, Resting Bitch Face phenomenon is known to be amplified by cold weather, and intensified by any additional overtime minutes, regardless of the sport.  But, it appears the RBF is shared by some sports greats themselves.  Different than the “game face” the RBF sends a distinct sideline message to convey such heartfelt emotions as:

“I’m not paying you millions to fall on your ass.”

“We are only asking you to run for 9 seconds, do your job.”

or our personal favorite:

“Get up you pussy, you are not really hurt.”

We can’t wait to count the RBFs on the field the next time the game is on. Here are the top ten RBFs in sports:

#10.  Rob Ryan, Former Defensive Coordinator, New Orleans Saints

How can you have hair like an American Girl Doll, but such a serious RBF?  Ok, well maybe since getting fired last month, he has a right to be a little moody.  Robbie, if you are a looking for a change of pace, you might want to hit up the casting director for Game of Thrones.  Khaleesi’s long lost father would be a great storyline.

rob ryan

#9.  Don Mattingly, Manager, Miami Marlins

His nickname is “The Hit Man”. RBF explained.

Don Mattingly

#9.  Mike Tomlin, Coach, Pittsburgh Steelers

Mike’s RBF paired with his wide-eyed stare is killer. When he finally does smile, it’s a winner.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Pittsburgh Steelers

#7. Bill Belichick, Coach, New England Patriots

Bill, you have such an RBF it’s almost comical.  Pull up that hoodie and you take it to a whole new level.  p.s. Try a dab of Chapstik to keep your RFB from cracking this winter.


#6.  Lebron James, Cleveland Cavaliers

King James wears his ‘tude loud and proud often without saying a word.  Watch for his 6-foot 8″ RBF at the foul line, on the bench and especially when he gets called for a foul.

Heat 76ers Basketball

#5.  Barry Trotz, Coach, Washington Capitals

It’s hard to blame the guy for his RBF. He’s basically Mini-Me with a last name that means diarrhea.


#4.  Gisele Bundchen, wife of New England Patriots QB Tom Brady

Um, your husband is hot, your body is hot. You have multiple servants and stylists following your every move…even if Tom Brady does not make that pass – smile please!


#3.  Mike Babcock, Coach, Toronto Maple Leafs

Since the Leafs have not won the Stanley Cup since the Beatles were on the radio, you have every right to your RBF Mr. Babcock.


#2.   John Tortorella, Coach, Columbus Blue Jackets

One of the few examples of a sinister smile more scary than his RBF.  Seriously, watching Torts have a tantrum is a thing of beauty.


#1.  Ronda Rousey, Former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion

Ronda was unseated with a brutal beating from Holly Holm in November worthy of a world class RBF.  But her much talked about loss has actually helped her parlay her way to being the first MMA fighter to host SNL on January 23rd.  Can we just say an MMA match parody skit would be gold? Bring it Ronda!

Ronda Rousey


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