10 Kids Movie Characters Who Look Exactly Like NFL Stars

Here’s the ticket to making your Super Bowl season a teensy bit more fun to watch. Yep, this is a list of players and coaches paired with their G-rated celebrity twins. You will be wowed by this collection of doppelgangers pulled from your kids’ favorite movies.

10.  Kristoff, Frozen =  Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots

As annoying as Mr. Gronk is, let’s hope he’s getting royalties for this one.

gronk_kristoff 2

9. Drac, Hotel Transylvania = Jim Harbaugh, University of Michigan

Coach Harbaugh has been pretty close to sucking blood on the sidelines, never invite him into your home.

drac harbaugh2

8.  Anger, Inside Out = Bill Belichick, New England Patriots

Watching Coach Bill blow is so much fun. Bring on the flames!

bellichick inside out

7.  Russell, Up = Danny Amendola, New England Patriots

What’s with the spiky hair trend making a come back?

Russel and Danny Amendola

6.  Mr. Incredible, The Incredibles = J.J Watt, Houston Texans

An they both wear red spandex pants for a living. OMG

jjwatt incredible

5.  King Fergus, Brave = Rob Ryan, Buffalo Bills

A big man with curly hair is still better than a skinny man with a bun. Pass it on.

Rob Ryan King Fergus

4.  Emmet Brickowski, The Lego Movie = Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos

Let’s hope Brickowski can outsmart Gronkowski.

peyton lego

3.  Katie, Horton Hears a Who = Von Miller, Denver Broncos

Don’t know why this man ever put on this hat, but we can’t get it out of our heads.

Katie Von Miller

2.  Dr. Nefario, Despicable Me = Rex Ryan, Buffalo Bills

Yay for the lap band. When does the neck band get released?

rex ryan dr nefario

1.  Sleeping Beauty (Princess Aurora) & Prince Phillip = Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady, New England Patriots


tom and gisele sleeping beaut3


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