WhileTheMenWatch is a first of its kind, live talk-show that looks beyond the game on TV.

Real-life girlfriends Jules Mancuso and Lena Sutherland, started the show from their living rooms as an experiment, while their men were watching NFL football.

Soon their banter about grass stains, sex on game day and how to improve the rules of the game had thousands of listeners tuned in.

Lena and Jules have since become warped sports fans who engage in the game in their own way.

When they are not analyzing the optimal design for Rafael Nadal’s next headband, Jules will kick your butt in cross-fit and Lena will run circles around you in your next  triathlon or marathon.  (Lena Sutherland is a made-up name, that she is stuck with not knowing that this crazy idea would take off).

WhileTheMenWatch has been seen on CNN, MSNBC, Yahoo and many others.

Tune in.  You will never think about third base the same way again.