The 10 Kids You Meet at a Super Bowl Party

Kid in front of TV pic

The 10 Kids You Meet at a Super Bowl Party Our pre-kid days of watching the big game at a bar, lightly buzzed and gently guac’ed are fading fast. Instead, we are more likely to find ourselves at the home of some friends brave enough to host a “family friendly” party. Think – herd of […]

10 Kids Movie Characters Who Look Exactly Like NFL Stars

gronk_kristoff 2

Here’s the ticket to making your Super Bowl season a teensy bit more fun to watch. Yep, this is a list of players and coaches paired with their G-rated celebrity twins. You will be wowed by this collection of doppelgangers pulled from your kids’ favorite movies. 10.  Kristoff, Frozen =  Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots As annoying as […]

The 10 Best RBF’s In Sports (Yep, That’s Resting Bitch Face)


You’ve seen it on the lady behind the desk at the airport, your friend’s nanny and of course anyone at the DMV.  The gender neutral, Resting Bitch Face phenomenon is known to be amplified by cold weather, and intensified by any additional overtime minutes, regardless of the sport.  But, it appears the RBF is shared by some sports […]

7 Things NFL Players Share with Your Toddler

Richie Incognito and Toddler

We are continually amazed at how serious people get about football.   Even more amazing is how many traits are shared by the NFL circuit and your local preschool.  Really, the biggest difference is the uniforms and a few million dollars a year in salary. Here are seven things NFL football shares with your toddler. Body Type […]