The Blue Jays are Back: 5 Other Times It’s OK to Flip the Bat

bautista batflip

Basically, baseball is boring until it isn’t.  The last game of the ALDS was like a bizarro Seinfeld episode of freaky errors, drunk fans and pure drama.  The cherry, on top was José Bautista’s “Bat Flip” which has everyone flipping out.  Some praise it as a defining moment in baseball history, while others call it unsportsmanlike.  We […]

8 Ways to Travel with Bikes and Not Lose Your Mind


This summer Lena and her sports addicted hubs traveled cross country doing no less than six(!) triathlons during their summer vacation.  Jules was even part of the race crew and was made to sit for hours cramped in the back seat between carseats and spare bike wheels.  “Don’t let your foot touch the salad!” is Jules’ most […]