6 Secrets Every Man Can Learn from the Tour de France

Le-Tour-de-France-2015 pack

It’s Tour time!  This means we have been watching hours of beautiful landscape, hills, crashes and insane spectators in a land where cheese and wine are a sport almost as serious as cycling.  The twenty-one stages of the three week-long race can get a little dry at times, so join us in absorbing the hidden messages.  Here […]

The 8 Craziest Things About the Hope Solo Mess


The Fifa Woman’s World Cup is in full swing and so is the drama about American star goalie Hope Solo.  God forbid the media actually covered the women’s game on the field to the painstaking level of minutiae that it does for men’s sports because what the world needs now is definitely more replays and […]

Know His Type: 7 Ways Men Feel about Tom Brady’s Balls

Tom Brady Suit

We honestly thought it was a joke when we read that the “Deflategate” scandal is once again a thing.  Incriminating evidence may suggest that the Patriots knowingly deflated footballs to gain an advantage.  There are reports of secret emails and texts to Patriots equipment staffer, Jim McNally a.k.a “The Deflater” from Brady himself. You really […]