8 Ways the NHL Trade Buzz Sounds Like Dating

nhl on tinder

We have always been fascinated by the hype and drama associated with NHL trades.  Media reports are swirling with predictions and rumors as each team strives for the sweet spot in their salary cap – a.k.a the perfect balance of good players and budget players. All of this started to sound like the woes of […]

Score!  20 Things that Make Women do the Celebration Dance


Watching the confetti fall during XLIX always makes up for the monotony of watching four hours of football. This year’s game did have some serious drama in final moments (aka fumble/cry/brawl), but overall it’s a relief when the stop-start saga is over.  Champions celebrating in wet hoodies and XXL just-printed t-shirts pulled over their jerseys seems […]

Free Download: Cards Against Humanity Super Bowl Edition

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It’s called the game for horrible people.  Enjoy these original cards created by Lena and Jules to ramp up your Super Bowl party. These custom created cards feature football players, coaches and half-time stars ready for you to pair into twisted combinations.  Add them to your existing deck, or if you don’t have the game, get a taste of it by […]